Instructions and Hire Info

We require all customers to read our customer service (this) page and our equipment instructions (below) to help you understand how our service works and also for important tips and safety info to ensure your hire goes smoothly.

Important: If you do not understand anything in these terms and conditions, disagree, or have any questions, please ask us before you accept the terms and conditions.

Jordo’s Coolrooms Canberra – Phone: 0421 376 967

Delivery-Only Service

To provide the highest level of public safety, we are a delivery-only service. We will fully set up your coolroom on-site for you.

Transport, insurance and service area

We have full public liability, workers’ compensation and business insurance for our equipment, staff and operations.
We deliver and hire to Canberra and its surrounds (70km radius of the city police station).

Our equipment must not be transported by anyone other than Jordo’s Coolrooms staff for any reason. If our GPS units alert us of unauthorized movement, the trailer will be immediately reported stolen to the police. If we suspect misuse of equipment we reserve the right to cancel the hire and retrieve the equipment at any time.

Regular delivery run times:
   Between 9am – 12pm Monday to Friday 
/ Between 12pm – 3pm Monday to Friday. 

Special delivery and pickup times are also available for time-sensitive and out-of-hours transport (extra charge applies), you will be prompted with these options during checkout. Special transport must be booked well in advance of your booking date to ensure staff are available.
To ensure swift delivery of your equipment, please ensure access is as easy and safe for our drivers as possible. This means clearing driveways for our trucks to unload and pre-planning where you want your equipment to be placed.


All quotes are valid for 30 days. Quotes will be updated with current pricing if edited/updated.

Minimum age

You must be over 18 to hire from Jordo’s Coolrooms. Under 18’s must have a parent or guardian hire, accept responsibility and adhere to the hire conditions and equipment instructions on this page.

Down payment and Confirmation

A booking is not confirmed and no equipment is being held until a minimum 30% down payment has been paid.

For credit card down payments, we’ll call you and process your payment over the phone when we call you to confirm your booking. Your down payment will be deducted from the invoice total when paying the balance.
This card will be stored until the end of your hire and may be used post-hire for incidentals or cancellation fees.

We also require a return email to confirm the order and that you have read the instructions, conditions, and safety information before we can reserve any equipment.

The full balance remaining payment must be made on delivery or can be made earlier if you prefer.

Payments can be made with EFTPOS, bank transfer or cash. 
Credit card pre-payments can be made by calling our office.

Account Name: McHugh Australia Pty Ltd
BSB: 082356
NAB Account: 980145263


Cancellation fees apply and increase as the delivery date approaches. This measure ensures more equipment is available for those who will use it and goes towards covering our costs leading up to the hire date.

Any equipment or service ordered and then cancelled/postponed inside of 60 days will attract a cancellation/postponement fee:

0% outside of 60 days of your delivery date (no charge).

30% within 60 days of your delivery date.

50% within 14 days of your delivery date.

100% within 3 days of your delivery date.

This includes orders cancelled/postponed for any reason including weather, disasters, death, pandemics (COVID-19) etc. Cancellation insurance is available from insurance providers such as Entertainment Insurance, JLT, OzPrize & Weather Insurance, CHUBB, Talbot Underwriting, Able Underwriting and more.

Please do not call/email to dispute any cancellation fees after confirming the hire agreement for any reason.

If you are not 100% comfortable that the hire conditions fit your requirements, we’re happy for you to wait until you are.


Upon delivery, we require a bond as security for the equipment. The bond is taken as a hotel-style credit card pre-authorisation imprint that allows us to charge for any loss, repair, extra hire, extra cleaning or damage after the hire. A $10 verification amount will be pending on your statement to verify a legitimate card.

Any costs to Jordo’s Coolrooms incurred from recovering overdue equipment or money is fully payable by the hirer. This includes legal costs, debt collection costs, and equipment recovery service costs.

Troubleshooting Procedure

Please call us on 0421 376 967 first, as we can troubleshoot the fastest via a phone call. Please don’t email or message us via social media with service requests, please call us first.

All equipment must be checked at the time of receiving and operated as early as possible. We are less likely to do an after-hours call-out for an issue that could have been identified during business hours.
You must conduct regular temperature checks as per health requirements and let us know immediately if there are any problems.

Our insurance does not cover stock loss for any reason. As the owner of the stock, you need to add it to your own policy or engage an insurance provider if required.

Refrigeration Equipment Instructions & Safety

Please make sure you have fully read these instructions before using any of our equipment to avoid extra cleaning, hire or damage charges.

→ All of our equipment and equipment’s included items must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered or the hirer will be charged for repair or replacement.
→ Equipment must not be customer transported.
→ All equipment is for adult use only unless otherwise stated.

It is your responsibility to ensure all power leads will not be a trip hazard. Please also make sure your leads are clear of water, heat, and any other hazardous source.

Please note: Equipment contains GPS tracking unit(s) to prevent theft and recover stolen equipment. If you are using the equipment in a high-security area, please check that these transmitters won’t be a problem on-site.

Important – You are responsible for following food safety guidelines and performing regular temperature checks.
In the event of a breakdown, we will immediately replace the unit or repair the unit (whichever is faster).

Our coolrooms include a door lock barrel system for you to add your own padlock, but like anything, can be broken into with enough effort. It is your responsibility to provide security or a secure area for your coolroom or freezer to be parked.

Power requirement and starting

We will set up the coolroom and get it running for you. You will need a 240v power outlet within 20 meters of the trailer.
Standard 10 amp power is required for coolrooms and freezers. Do not run any other devices from the same power supply to avoid overloading the circuit.

Our coolrooms are pre-set to 1.7°c and fluctuate between 0°c and 4°c approx. during their regular cycling. If you require a different temperature (florists etc) please let us know prior to arrival.
Our freezer trailers are pre-set to -18°c and fluctuate between -20°c and -16°c, these can also be adjusted by our staff if required.

If the overload safety switches trip for any reason, please call us immediately and we will assist you. If you are using a petrol/diesel generator, please ensure that it is a pure sine wave unit to avoid damage to the cool room or freezer.

Prior to collection, please ensure shelves, rubber mat, wheel chocks, power lead, and any other loaned equipment is ready for us to collect.

Tips: if you are cooling large quantities of drinks/food etc that are warm, leave air space between your stock (especially cartons) for faster chilling. The less cold air that can get between your stock the longer it will take to chill. If you need to chill large quantities of product you may need to hire your coolroom earlier so you can get it chilled on time. If you have pre-chilled your stock you won’t have to wait.
Our trailers usually get down to temperature in less than 30 minutes but keep in mind it will take longer for your stock to chill.

When cooling down your unit, please do not open the door. You must first let the coolroom get down to temperature and de-humidify or the coolroom blower will freeze up. This will take a while to defrost and operate correctly again.

We recommend totally turning off the unit’s power if the door will be open for a long period while loading/unloading.
Quick in-and-out visits to the unit are fine but if the door will be open for more than a couple of minutes (loading a pallet etc) will ice the refrigeration equipment and we strongly recommend unplugging at this time.
Minimizing icing of the blower dramatically improves the performance of the coolroom or freezer.

At the end of hire we will conduct and full clean of the unit, however, all rubbish and stock must be removed from the coolroom or freezer before collection

We wish you all the best and thank you for choosing Jordo’s Coolrooms for your refrigeration hire needs!

If you have any great photo’s of our equipment in action we’d love you to share them with the Jordo’s Coolrooms community via social media! To share, simply reply to your order invoice with your pics.